High Performance Cyclone Diamond Abrasive Wheel

1.Cyclone diamond cup wheel introduction

High Performance Cyclone Diamond Abrasive Wheel provides very fast grinding on concrete and other masonry materials. The diamond cup wheel can be applied from soft to abrasive concrete and other masonry materials. Cyclone abrasive wheel is a special type diamond cup wheel, brazing type, the abrasive grinding cup wheel can be installed on angle grinder and other floor grinding machines and is using for other floor grinding machines.Common sizes are 4″,4.5″,5″,6″,7″.


Item No. Diameter Segment No. Segment Thickness Arbor
CGWC10505 105mm 9 5.5mm 7/8″,5/8″-11,M14
CGWC11505 115mm 9 5.5mm 7/8″,5/8″-11,M14
CGWC12505 125mm 9 5.5mm 7/8″,5/8″-11,M14
CGWC15005 150mm 12 5.5mm 7/8″,5/8″-11,M14
CGWC18005 180mm 12 5.5mm 7/8″,5/8″-11,M14


Rough surface grinding different kinds of concrete and masonry materials with superior efficiency.

4.Delivery time

1 week for sample order, and  2-3 weeks for batch orders.

5.OEM package

Besides the neutral white box package, we have the OEM finishing package such as individual blister and paper insert for blade. We can also make the package as your design, and provide package design service too.

6.Corediam introduction

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry. We have the most extensive, innovative and powerful range of diamond tools for construction, stone and DIY markets. Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world by technology innovation.

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